As many of you know, I have a penchant for all things spa. And, as many of you know, I also have an equally strong penchant for all things green. These two loves tend to not get along in my world, as it is beyond difficult to find wonderfully pampering products and sanctuaries that also honor the green code of ethics.

When researching organic spas online a few months back, I was pleasantly surprised to find the one and only truly organic nail spa residing smack dab in the middle of Philadelphia. Tierra Mia is a lovely sanctuary for people who want an amazing spa experience without the harmful chemicals associated with it. As soon as I found their website, I knew I would have to experience this place for myself…


I‘m Not A Real Manly Man……

{LOL, ok, that is probably no surprise to most of you anyway….}

I know I’m not the toughest guy in the gym {OK, truthfully, I don’t remember the last time I WENT TO THE GYM}

But when I go to get a manicure {STOP LAUGHING} I don’t want to be sitting in a big PINK salon, in a big PINK chair…

And more importantly I don’t want to be in a toxic environment and come out with high gloss nail polish on…I want to look trimmed and well groomed…

And so should the groom on his wedding day – the grease from working on the car and the rough dry hands from landscaping just don’t cut it in ring shots and EVERYONE will want to see both of your rings…

So at the advice of Rebecca {and everyone who met them at last year’s Soiree in the City} I went to see Karina at Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa off of Rittenhouse Square – 17th between Spruce and Pine

It’s a great space, organic décor – {they are pioneers in the organic nail care movement} and isn’t all PINK – just comfortable, relaxing and there are no toxic odors either…

All of their products are organic – I opted for a gentleman’s manicure with a fresh coconut scrub they were actually grating the coconut to mix with the coconut oil … they also offer several other seasonal options to battle dryness or cool your skin {cucumber in the summer sounds great!}

They cleaned me up, massaged my hands and buffed my nails… they look great and no “too shiny’ clear coat…

For the ladies they offer all water based nail polishes…..

The spa offers manicures, pedicures, waxing and massage – they have hosted lots of girls spa days for bachelorette parties or pre wedding pampering ranging from 5 to 20… you can bring in your own platters and cocktails …

Karina, Justin and their staff could not have been nicer and my hands look MARVALOUS!

Longest lasting manicure, EVER! If you are in disbelief that a manicure could stay gorgeous for an entire week without a single chip, then please read on….

I am glowing, not only from the luxurious cucumber, shea butter, sea salt, rub that I received yesterday, but with the excitement of experiencing Tierra Mia’s spa experience!

A co-worker referred me to check out Tierra Mia before my upcoming wedding, as they do bridal parties. (If you can’t pamper yourself before your wedding, when can you??)

Normally I may have had sticker shock, but I went in knowing that at this time in my life I needed a stress reliever most. I told Karina that my goal was to avoid having to get acrylic nails because I’m embarrassed of my own natural nails. She assured me that with three weeks to go, hope was not lost for me. Then something amazing happened! She taught me something about nails and nail care while she was pampering me. It turns out that the simplest of things can be done to achieve beautiful nails. (Without having to buy anything or eat anything special). I followed her advice and in one week, my nails had grown a considerable length, without breaking!  Even better than that… after an entire week I did not have a single scratch or chip in my polish. Usually before I leave a salon I have smudged the polish, and within 48 hours I may have started to pick away at the chipping polish, until it’s all off.

This is where my story gets kind of unbelievable… I pinched my finger in a file drawer between two pieces of metal. After the pain hit me my first thought was my manicure. So I pulled my thumb out and inspected it only to find that… the polish hadn’t even been scraped! UNBELIEVABLE! Through the beautifully pale pink shade that Karina chose for me I could see a bruise forming under my nail, but the surface was impenetrable.

The good news is that while I may not be able to afford to get a manicure every week, and maybe not every other, when I do have the time and money to pamper myself, it will actually last longer than it ever has. Another thing to consider is that the technicians at Tierra Mia spend twice as long with you as any regular salon, and they are treating your skin with the best ingredients. It’s not just a manicure, it’s a spa experience!

I booked a bridal party, complete with mani/pedi 3 days before my wedding, and I am not the least bit worried that it won’t look as beautiful as it did when I left the salon.

Enjoy ladies, you deserve it!

Brigid T.

I have now had two waxing appointments with Karina and they have been wonderful! She actually doesn’t use wax but rather Nufree, which is a soy-based, non-wax hair removal system. It has been much more gentle for my skin than the wax used in other salons I have visited in the past. The spa has great energy – very positive and calming. Karina is a radiant and kind and mindful individual. She made the whole experience very pleasant. And not only that, but she is also a perfectionist – she did a superb job and I have absolutely no complaints. All in all – lovely space, lovely person, impeccible service. Highly recommended.

Annette R.

Everyone deserves a pretty kitty.

Beachy Keen
With Latin music playing softly in the background and a lilting Colombian accent,
Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa’s Karina Restrepo manages to make a trying task feel more like a tropical vacation. You can expect the same attention to detail she applies to her meticulous manicures, only with ecofriendly soy wax and expert trimming and tweezing techniques.

Philadelphia’s, Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa is a pioneer leading the nail industry into a new era within the green movement. Reinventing the nail salon experience Tierra Mia created the nation’s first organic nail spa by developing a process that enables water-based nail polish last equivalent to lacquer based nail polish. Justin Mitchell, Tierra Mia’s business coordinator and owner has made a commitment to creating a safe alternative that sets a new precedent for nail spas around the nation.

Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa is far from the traditional, toxic nail salon experience; instead, it is a retreat from the urban landscape, providing healthy nail care with sustainability in mind. Located in Philadelphia, the salon uses only water-based nail polish and does not allow cell phones on the premises. The spa was also built with sustainable materials, including natural clay plaster walls, zero-toxicity paints, 78 percent post-consumer wood-waste flooring, and Kirei Board surfaces.

Best of Green: Treehugger: Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa

One of Philadelphia’s most popular spring festivals, the annual Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival attracts more than 65,000 people from across the region to Rittenhouse Square for one awesome Saturday each May.

Walnut Street is closed off to traffic (between Broad and 19th Streets) and the Festival takes over one of Center City’s coolest neighborhoods.

A festival of food, music, fashion, arts and entertainment, the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival is one of the first signs of summer in Philadelphia.

Restaurants set up shop in booths lining Walnut Street, selling delectable samples from their dining rooms at a fraction of the normal cost. Popular Restaurant Row establishments will be joined by other neighborhood hot spots, making for a true gustatory adventure.

Tierra Mia has become my favorite place to go to pamper myself. I went for a mani/pedi for my birthday in August and was blown away by the amazing atmosphere, the considerate and welcoming staff, and the amount of time that was spent on my not-so-naturally-cute hands and feet (i walk and work with my hands A LOT). The bright red toenail polish Karina helped me choose lasted about 2 weeks after the session! I was surprised that the water-based polish lasted so long during sandal season on a girl that uses her feet as her only mode of transportation.
Today I went back for a pedi and was just as impressed as I was after my first visit. I got the coconut scrub and red polish and it was all just perfect. From the conversation to the foot massage to the temperature in the room, everything made me feel as if my feet were the only things that mattered in the whole salon.
I just love it there, I recommend it to all of my friends.

Gretchen D.    Philadelphia, PA